Empowerment through Education – No Limits!

Empowerment through Education – No Limits!



Isabell Wong Flores is an inspiring motivational speaker in the field of personal development, an entertainer, entrepreneur, consultant, attorney and counselor at law. Isabell is best known for passing the Bar Exam and becoming a lawyer without ever going to law school. She participated in the State Bar of California’s Law Office Study Program, commonly referred to as “Reading the Law” – a program with a rich history in the United States. It is from this first-hand experience, in the power of one’s inner strength and tenacity to accomplish any goal that Isabell speaks today.

Isabell Flores Speaks – Company Mission

Isabell Flores Speaks‘ mission is to inspire and empower others to realize their potential by providing motivating, inspiring, and captivating [presentations, seminars, workshops, conferences, books, audiobooks, events, programs, and products] (services and products) that are conducive to empowering and encouraging people to follow their goals and dreams. Isabell Flores Speaks furthers its mission by offering services and products in the personal and business development fields, and that seek to improve individuals mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. By sharing Isabell Flores’s personal story of her path to becoming a lawyer without law school, Isabell uses it as a tool to symbolize that anyone can accomplish their goals and dreams if one sets their mind to it.

Isabell Flores, Individual Brand Mission

Isabell Flores’ individual brand mission is to inspire and empower others to realize their potential. Her main purpose is to teach people to have faith in their own self, and their own sense of the beyond, to trust their own inner guidance. Her message is to teach people to get comfortable with believing in themselves and their ability to manifest their ideals.

Holistic Lawyer –– Holistic Approach to Law

Isabell believes in taking a Holistic legal approach to the practice of law through her firm Law Offices of Isabell W. Flores (FloresLaw.com). Her firm’s practice areas include but are not limited to DUI, Criminal Defense, Traffic, Personal Injury, Attorney Special Appearances, Independent Contractor Attorney Legal Services and much more. Holistic law is an approach or style of practice that focuses on the whole person and the whole of the problem as a way of finding more healthy and sustainable solutions to legal problems. Isabell supports the idea of envisioning a world where lawyers are valued as healers, helpers, counselors, problem-solvers, and peacemakers. Where conflicts are seen as opportunities for growth, lawyers model balanced lives and are respected for their contributions to the greater good. Holistic Law practitioners often look inward to become whole themselves to better assist their clients in using the legal process to find wholeness. Often holistic lawyers take a spiritual component, exploring the unity of purpose between the seemingly opposing parties.